Gieterij Doesburg works with the following high quality materials

Gieterij Doesburg only works with carefully selected high-end materials for the casting of its components. We work with all desired and commonly used forms of cast-iron. As a result, we are constantly able to provide our customers with the requested materials.


Type of cast iron                        DIN No.

Lamellar iron:                               DIN EN 1561:     EN-GJL-100 t/m EN-GJL-350

Malleable iron:                             DIN EN 1562:     EN-GJMB-350-10 t/m EN-GJMB-800-1

Ductile iron:                                  DIN EN 1563:     EN-GJS-350-22-LT t/m EN-GJS-900-2

High silicon ductile iron:             DIN EN 1563:     EN-GJS-450-18 t/m EN-GJS-600-10

Austempered ductile iron:          DIN EN 1564:     EN-GJS-800-8 t/m EN-GJS-1400-1