We are an iron foundry

Gieterij Doesburg was founded in 1896 and is basically still doing the same thing it did 125 years ago: casting iron. Of course, a lot has changed over the last 125 years and our company continued to develop. In the scope of this development, we have always been leading our branch. For example, we were the first iron foundry in the Netherlands to start working with a DISAmatic moulding machine in 1969.

As an iron foundry, Gieterij Doesburg is part of a larger group, Gietburg Holding. The group consists of the following companies:

  • Gieterij Doesburg
  • Modelmakerij Hengelo
  • Gietburg
  • Doesburg Components 
  • Brinks Components

The Gietburg Group is a unique cooperation between various companies developing and producing high-quality castings and components. Due to this integrated cooperation, we have a unique combination of know-how available in-house.

As a Holding, we deal with the entire process from development to end product. Having all know-how in-house is the greatest advantage for our customers. This advantage ensures:

  • High-quality products
  • Cost reduction
  • Time savings
  • Early supplier involvement.