Socially responsible enterprise

Gieterij Doesburg, and the Gietburg Group as a whole, is aware of its responsibility towards society. As an iron foundry, we are active in an industry with a high level of energy consumption. In addition, we supply products to sectors in which energy and fuel consumption and their reduction are current issues.

One of our biggest customers, the automotive industry, is fully engaged in reducing fuel consumption. Since 1 January 2014, the new and strict Euro6-norm for engines applies. In order to comply with this norm, our products keep getting lighter and our constructions are being improved continuously. That is why Gieterij Doesburg is continuously looking for ways to make components smaller when developing new products. In order to achieve this, we make use of high-end software products. 

But of course, we also watch our own energy consumption closely. Melting iron is an energy intensive process, in which the smallest reduction of energy can play a significant role. This is why we are continuously looking for a way to incorporate energy-saving measures into our production process. We have invested a lot in this over the last couple of years. 

Our laboratory is constantly trying to develop new kinds and combinations of materials. By using high-quality materials, we are able to achieve reductions in our production. If for example a product’s weight is reduced, this also means less use of material and energy during the production, lighter transport and an end product which is less heavy.

For 120 years, Gieterij Doesburg has been situated in a residential quarter of Doesburg. We do realize that our production process may cause residents some inconvenience. That is why we regularly seek talks with our neighbours, in order to reduce the potential inconveniences as much as possible. Thus, we have been able to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours for almost 120 years.